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Improve Your Mindset to Boost Your Confidence


Today we chat with business coach and mentor-extraordinaire, Lindsay Stead. Lindsay works with female business owners who are looking to take their business to the next level. We learn why it’s good to be uncomfortable, say “yes” when you’re scared, and to believe in yourself. Lindsay encourages us to show up exactly as we are and fall in love with our business again. So, let’s dive into ways to improve your mindset, boost your confidence and propel your business forward.

Improve Your Mindset to Boost Your Confidence

Lindsay has been in the online space for five years, and started out as a general virtual assistant for her clients. She credits the promise she made to herself to say “yes” to every client in that first year of business (that didn’t go outside her ethics or moral compass) to setting her business on fire. It was in that first year of business that she realized that her talents weren’t in the day-to-day general admin tasks of a VA. However, it was really diving into each client’s business and helping them with their overall business strategy.

Though Lindsay admits that the transition wasn’t easy, she’s so thankful that she listened to her intuition to make that shift.

Changing Inner Dialogue to Propel Forward

Lindsay says that she’s always loved personal development even as a teenager. Though she realizes personal development can seem cliché, she believes it armors you with the tools and confidence to be the best entrepreneur you can be.

If you’re struggling with what you like or how best to learn, think back to your childhood and what you enjoyed then. Were you someone who loved to read? Did you enjoy listening to music? Did you express feelings better with writing? All of these avenues are ways you can integrate personal development into your life.

For Lindsay, she’s always loved to write, and often writes in her journals. When she doesn’t have time to actually write, she speaks the words into her journal, using an app.

She also finds breathwork and meditation to be helpful for her mindset. Lindsay enjoys using sensory deprivation tanks or float tanks, and goes every other week. While she’s in there, she does breathwork too.

Finally, Lindsay enjoys listening to podcasts, especially Kathrin Zenkina from Manifestation Babe. She finds that her podcasts are inspiring and gets a lot of great information from her.

Being Conscious of Imposter Syndrome

As the old saying goes, we are a culmination of the five people we surround ourselves with. Aside from the people we surround ourselves in real life, we also want to be careful with what type of content we’re consuming.

Whether that’s on social media, podcasts etc, you have to ask yourself when you’re consuming this content, “How do I feel after listening or watching that?” If the answer is energized, inspired, happy or other good feelings, then that’s amazing. However, if you’re feeling less than, that we aren’t doing enough or other negative feelings, then maybe we need to stop consuming that type of content.

Subconscious Doesn’t Process the Negative

Your subconscious fills in the gaps of things and doesn’t process the negative. Many times we focus on the, “I want to do xyz.” For example, instead of saying “I WANT to have a million dollars in my bank account,” try saying, “I HAVE a million dollars in my bank account.” Then, your subconscious is going to focus on filling in that gap and find a way to put a million dollars in your bank account.

So much of this ties back to being a business owner because our mind is the hub for everything! Really understanding how your mind works and how it powers all of your decisions is key to your overall success.

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