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This isn't just another marketing agency. This is a highly skilled team of experts. If you're ready to kick stale strategies and to start IMPLEMENTING with success, you've found your people. With Notoire Media House you get your very own content marketing team.

You need support like yesterday?

let me guess...

Wondering where we've been all your life? Probably just chasing our kids through the aisles of Target waiting for you to hit that button below. 

work together

let's bring you an endless stream of traffic

Sounds too good to be true? Let me give you the dirty deets.

After years of testing strategies, we've come up with the only method that provides and constant traffic to places that you OWN. Tired of being at the mercy of the latest Instagram algorithm update? Yep, we get it. 
Enter- The Everywhere Approach. 
This is our signature method that starts with a solid LTK strategy, builds an email list that feels more like an ATM machine, and couples that with an SEO optimized blog, weekly SEO blog content and a Pinterest strategy that keeps the traffic flowing. 

I can see the dolla dolla bills in your eyes already..

let's get to the good stuff.



pACKAGE includes



LTK Management

Email Welcome Sequence + Opt In Forms

Weekly Email Management

Monthly Strategy Calls 

It's no secret that the earning potential with LTK feels like Kim K status. But the idea of getting there on your own feels like there isn't enough coffee in the world. We take our strategy and infuse them with the brand you've build to create an endless stream on revenue. Plus, we'll build your email list to ensure we can have a direct line to your audience!

the everywhere approach



We take everything inside of our LTK + Email package, and take it to the next level! We layer in SEO optimized blog posts and Pinterest strategy to ensure you have a constant stream of traffic flowing to you weekly. 

Imagine if you could be EVERYWHERE
without adding more to your plate

Baseline traffic and a growing email list that I tap into anytime

Amanda and I have worked together for 4 years! In that time we've grown my email list to thousands, created an endless stream of blog traffic and increased LTK earnings!

Amanda John
Strawberry Chic

I never knew the power of Pinterest!

I love that I know I have something working in the background for me that doesn't add more to my plate!

Mary Margaret
Simply Darlings

She truly gets my brand + that's priceless

LTK is a huge part of business. I love that I can rely on consistent content going out and I have an email list + blog that I can rely on if IG ever disappears!

Brittany Sjogren
Loverly Grey

The work is always so professional!

I don't know what I would do without Amanda and her team! They keep things running for me while I focus on creating content!

Amanda Marshall
Pardon Muah Insta

I don't know how I was doing it all before this amazing team!

The team has allowed be to spend more time traveling and with my kids, while also growing my LTK + Amazon earning!

Julie Laundis
Mommy Wonders

This has been more incredible than I could have imagined.

I am constantly blown away with how knowledgable and proactive working with Notoire Media House has been. 

Suzanne Warye
Sober Mom LifE

You will have a project request form available to you that you can pop those last minute things into and we'll kick it to the top of our list!

What if I have a last minute request?

We work Monday through Friday, 9am- 5pm EST. We reserve weekends and national holidays for time to rest and recharge (and we hope you will too!)

what are your working hours?

Congrats! The beginning stages are SO exciting. We can't wait to work with you, but before you decide to dive into investing in a team, check out our free resources on our blog!

What if I'm just getting started as an influencer?

Slack is our primary mode of communication outside of email. We use this as a direct line to chat, brainstorm ideas and deliver your content!

what does communication look like?

We believe in the power of having a team behind you! You will have an account manager that will handle all communication and project management. 

Will i work with one person?

We require a minimum commitment of three months. This allows us to test strategies, implement and see true results. 

Is there a minimum commitment?


Onboarding + Kickoff Call

It all starts with a connection call

We love to get to know our clients on a deeper level before we ever sign on the dotted line. This is our opportunity to dream big with you and formulate a solid strategy and how we can help you hit those big goals. 

Implementation + Marketing Magic

Once you've hit that "heck yes" button you'll immediately slide into onboarding. We kick off with what will feel like 21 questions and wrap up with a kickoff call with your content team lead! Hello strategy and implementation- we see you!

Once you've been onboarded into your Slack channel and have your content calendar setup we'll begin content creation within 7 days! Yep, in just a week you're content will be on autopilot and you can watch the stress fade away like skinny jeans circa 2022. 


I don't know about you, but I like to know exactly what the process is going to look like. So let's break it alllllll down for you!



Lemme paint the picture for ya. 

Ready to TAKE YOUR content to the next level?

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Work together

Ready to take your influencer business to the next level? You're in the right place. Let our strategy-loving team manage your LTK, Email, Blog + Pinterest for results that will have you wishing you did this sooner!

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