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How to Market Your Virtual Assistant Business

OK, so after a lot of thought and discussion, you decide you want to jump into the virtual assistant business. Which spoiler alert, it a very good idea in my humble opinion. 😉 As you’ve probably noticed on my blog, podcast or my other social platforms, I’m passionate about the virtual assistant industry. Not just because it has exploded with possibility in the last several years, but because it’s a legitimate way to earn a full-time income and be your own boss. Oh yeah, and work from home (or wherever) full time. However, in order to be a virtual assistant, you have to have clients right? Today I’m sharing practical and, better yet, effective ways on how to market your virtual assistant business and find clients in no time!

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How to Market Your Virtual Assistant Business

How to Market Your Virtual Assistant Business

Like any business, it’s important to market your services. However, there are a variety of ways to do that. A virtual assistant business can have a unique set of challenges when it comes to marketing. That’s because each VA business can be completely different from the next. For instance, the Virtual Assistant Studio focuses on supporting bloggers and influencers with social media management, collage creation etc., while another VA business could focus on supporting technology-based businesses with their customer service. Therefore, it’s important to market your online business effectively and get in front of your target audience.

And listen, I’ve been there when you’re first starting out and thinking, “How in the world am I going to get a client, let alone multiple?” I get it, and it can be an overwhelming feeling. But that’s where I come in to encourage you and be your hype girl.

Have a Business to Market First

Before you can market a small business, you have to first have a business to market, right? I recommend implementing strategies that costs you money AFTER you’ve landed your first few clients and have a good understanding of who you are as a brand and a business.

This will also ensure that you have money flowing in to cover your expenses, and you don’t spend too much time posting to social media when you could be reaching out to potential clients and hosting discovering calls. I say this because social media, a website and other marketing strategies can take time and money. They’re 100% worth it, but not crucial in the beginning.

OK I know what you’re thinking now, “Well, that’s great Amanda, but how to I get the first few clients?” And the simple answer is, you go find them and reach out to them.

After you’ve decided who you’re going to serve and what services you’re going to offer, your next step is to pitch to your dream clients. You can use my exact email template I used to reach out to my first few clients by clicking HERE.

Send Email Pitches to Potential Clients

Pitching to your dream clients is an effective and FREE way to market your business when you’re first starting out. I suggest creating email lists in a program like Excel of potential clients you want to pitch to. In the excel sheet, you’ll also want to keep track of your correspondences with each potential client, if they responded and if you sent a follow-up email.

I recommend sending up to two follow-up emails, about a week apart from each other, if they don’t respond to your inquiry. If they respond and show interest, you’ll then want to book a discovery call with them to find out what their needs are and explain your services you offer. I’ll have a blog post coming all about how to host a discovery call in the future too!

Email marketing is the exact way I started my business. It’s a simple way to target your dream clients. The worst thing they can say is no or not answer at all. When you’re pitching, I also suggest downloading an email extension like Mixmax, so you know if your email is being read or not. That helps you understand if your message is actually getting in front of your potential client or not.

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Update Your Social Media Handle and Email Address

Another way to look more professional without spending a dime is to update your social media handles to your business name. Your Facebook business page, Instagram handle, Pinterest account etc., should all have your business name and nothing else. That way, your business is searchable on each of those platforms.

Each of those accounts should include what you do and who you serve too. For example, Amanda | Virtual Assistant “I help _ with _.”

You’ll also want to update your LinkedIn profile with your small business information. Many people find virtual assistants on this platform to help them with their own business. So it’s a good idea to have an informative section on your profile about specifically what you offer and how.

Finally, you also want to have an email address that reflects your business name too. This helps you look more professional. Plus it’s always best to separate your personal and professional emails.

Interact on Facebook Groups

There are millions of Facebook groups to choose from, which means there are millions of possibilities to market your business. Facebook groups are a great way to find your first few clients and it’s FREE! For it to be an effective marketing strategy, you need to search keywords and niches that you would love to serve. You can join virtual assistant facebook groups (there are lots of them out there) or female entrepreneur ones.

If you know your specific niche you serve has Facebook groups, join those too! For example, if I serve bloggers and influencers, I would want to join Facebook Groups specific to that industry. Then, start interacting within those groups, and give advice if it’s asked by someone. You never know when a person may be asking for some help with their business. There’s your chance to comment on that post and explain what they can do and that you could help too!

You could also comment on a specific blog post that someone in your niche wrote too, using your business name. The more your business name is visible to the industry you serve, the more people are going to start recognizing your name and becoming interested.

Create a Clean and Simple Website

If you are going to invest in anything before you have consistent money coming in, it would be a very simple and clean website.

Here are a few things you could include on your website:

  • Services you offer
  • Who specifically you serve i.e. bloggers, content creators, realtors, tech industry, food industry
  • Contact information i.e. Instagram, Facebook, Email Address
  • Link to book a call with you via Calendly
  • Reviews from a client or two
  • Previous work you’ve done for other clients

Add Your Business to Google My Business

To help your business pop up in search engines, be sure to add your business to Google my Business. This allows your business to be more visible and searchable.

You can also purchase Google Ads, but I only recommend that if you’re making a steady income from the business. It helps you get in front of searchers who are searching for services or businesses you offer.

In addition to these strategies, nothing can replace word of mouth. Create a quick elevator pitch about what you do and who you serve. You never know when you’re going to get asked, “So what do you do?” I still honestly struggle with this sometimes, but I at least have some sort of elevator speech if I get asked. You never know when or if you’re talking to friends or family who knows someone that knows someone who is looking for help on something you specifically offer. Boom! Another client.

Have a business card available at all times. You never know when you’re going to run into someone and get to talking. You’ll want to have your contact information ready, handy and on-brand.

Do you have a strategy to help market your business you want to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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How to Market Your Virtual Assistant Business


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