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Ask Me Anything: Business, Personal and More!


Ask Me Anything: Business, Personal and More!

On this week’s episode, I opened it up to all of you to submit questions you had for me. And you guys had some good ones! Be sure to hit play now where I answer everything from business, personal and more! Below you’ll find a few that were submitted. Tune into the episode to hear all the Q&A goodness.

Business Questions

Q: What are your top free tools you recommend? I’m just starting out and don’t have a huge budget. 

A: You can grab this freebie that includes the 5 tools I use in my business daily. They help me stay organized and efficient. Plus, this blog post is full of info about the tools that are helpful for our team too!

Q: What’s your best daily habit?

A: I practice gratitude every single day. I dive into the details of my daily practice in this episode HERE. It allows my mind to wander, become more creative and overall feel more balanced.

Personal Questions

Q: Do you have a name picked out for baby number two yet?

Truthfully, no. I’m having a hard time deciding. Any suggestions? Send them my way!

Q: How do you balance mom life and running a business?

A: There’s no such thing as balance, but I make intentional choices. I’ve learned to say no to things, and I try to implement boundaries in my business.

Q: What was your most recent purchase?

A: Bacon jam on Amazon! LOL 😉

Rapid-Fire Questions

Q: What am I currently watching?

A: Gilmore Girls (again) and just watched Single All the Way on Netflix – super cute!

Q: What am I currently craving?

A: Pickles and Starbucks holiday drinks

Q: What are you currently listening to?

A: Taylor Swift’s version of RED

Q: What are you currently reading?

A: Big Magic audiobook

If you want to submit a question for our next ask-me-anything episode, send an email to, and we will be sure to cover it!

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Do you have a topic you want me to cover in a future episode? Let me know in the comments below!

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