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how to build your dream business working part-time hours


While Holly Haynes was homeschooling her twin daughters at the start of the pandemic in 2020, she was also building her now six-figure business. If that isn’t a prime example of hustling, I don’t know what is.

Fast forward to today, and she has officially retired from her 22-year corporate job and was also able to retire her husband. She now teaches business owners how to build your dream business on a part-time schedule. She believes you shouldn’t sacrifice weekends and other priorities in your life to have the business you’ve always dreamed of.

How to Build Your Dream Business on a Part-Time Schedule

Hiring and Outsourcing for Your Business

Holly has two tips for hiring and outsourcing for your business. The first tip is to leverage what you can if you’re working a full-time job, while building your business. For example, if there is a certain course that would benefit both your current full-time job and your business, take the opportunity to take the course.

The second tip is to ask yourself what your ultimate goal is for your business and what your timeline is to reach that goal? Think of project management like a triangle – time, schedule and work. One of those things can change, but you can’t change all three of them.

The first person Holly hired for her business was someone to edit her podcast because her goal was to build a community first. She wasn’t sure what type of business she wanted to build. So that platform gave her the opportunity to start asking questions and receive feedback.

The second person Holly hired was a general virtual assistant to help her repurpose and reshare her content.

“Content equals trust and establishes authority. And trust and authority equal sales,” Holly said. “I knew we had to show up in more places than just Instagram. So now we take the content from the podcast and blast it onto other platforms to reach more people.”

Signature Program “Crush the Rush”

The Crush the Rush membership provides the tools a business owner needs to start, scale and grow their business. It consists of four steps:

  • Teaches seasons of business to help prevent burnout
  • Creates simple strategies and systems
  • Implements systems and scalable offers
  • Reviews measurable results

To learn more or get signed up for Holly’s membership, click HERE.

Determining What You Can Offer

Sometimes it can be difficult deciding what you want to center your business around and what you want to offer. But sometimes it’s as simple as asking someone close to you what you’re good at. Because a lot of times, you can’t even recognize what you’re good at because it’s so integrated into your life that it’s almost like second nature.

How to Introduce Multiple Offers Without Feeling Overwhelmed

Holly suggests going back to your core of what your business is centered around. What is your long-term vision? The last thing you want to do is create an offer that’s not really what you love to do.

“I like to have a signature method that’s backing me up,” Holly said. ” Every single offer goes back to those four pillars. Does it fit into what people know me for?”

The second step is to really think about what you want to offer and the center that you want to offer it in as it relates to your customer’s experience. The last thing you want to do is roll out multiple offers, and your clients get confused on how they work together.

Think of the offer stack as a three-layer cake. You want to be able to offer things that will hit the beginning, intermediate and advanced stages of owning a business.

Holly’s Favorite Platforms to Use

The first is Kajabi which is the program Holly built her entire website on.

The second is ConvertKit which is the email platform she uses for her business.

The third is Trello. She used this at the very beginning of her business and then switched to ClickUp. Holly suggests having a program that keeps all your tasks organized for the day-to-day.

But Holly suggests not getting distracted by all the tools at the beginning. You need to focus on getting clients first!

Be sure to tune into the full episode for more tips on how to build your dream business on a part-time schedule.

Connect with Holly: Website | Podcast | Instagram | Course


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