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What Does a Virtual Assistant Do to Help a Blogger

In our 2021 year-in-review blog post, we talked about how The Virtual Assistant Studio got super clear with who we serve, and niched down to assist bloggers and content creators. The influencer industry has exploded over the last several years. Because of this, there are endless opportunities as a virtual assistant (VA) to serve this blossoming industry. So today I break down what a virtual assistant does to help a blogger.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do to Help a Blogger

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do to Help a Blogger

Blogging is without a doubt a full-time job and then some. There’s more work behind the scenes than anyone really could understand. From the day-to-day tasks to big-picture strategy, most of the time it can feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to get it all done. That’s why a virtual assistant is perfect for serving this industry. We take away certain tasks that can easily be delegated, so you as the blogger can focus on other things that need your attention.

Any business owner’s goal is to continue to scale their business while also trying to maintain some sort of work-life balance. That’s why bloggers benefit from hiring a virtual assistant. Because you can continue to grow your business and focus on the important tasks while you delegate other time-consuming blogging tasks to your VA.

Below are some examples of virtual assistant services for bloggers. Virtual assistants can even offer one specific task. We wrote about becoming a Pinterest VA HERE. One of the benefits of niching down to specialized service is that you only have to learn one platform. I have a few amazing female entrepreneur friends that specialize in SEO optimization and graphic design. They’re amazing at what they do.

Pinterest Strategy

Again, I’ll refer you to our blog post that’s all about Pinterest VAs. But the bottom line is, virtual assistants help explode your Pinterest strategy to get more traffic to your website and other platforms. Whether it’s your blog, LTK, social media or an email opt-in, VAs can help you uplevel your Pinterest strategy. We love using the program Tailwind to maximize our clients’ Pinterest performance.

Social Media Management

The second task virtual assistants can help a blogger do is to help manage a blogger’s social media. This looks different for everyone. Here are a few tasks a social media manager can do for a blogger:

  • Respond to DM’s and comments
  • Write social media captions
  • Schedule social media posts on different platforms – we talk a lot about batching content HERE
  • Manage a blogger’s Facebook group like answer questions, ask questions or lead discussions
  • Hashtag research

Graphic Creation

The Virtual Assistant Studio does a lot of graphic creation for our clients from collages to Pinterest graphics and other social media images. We use the program Canva for all our graphics because it’s user-friendly and you can save each of your clients’ brand colors and fonts (with the paid version).

Ghost Blog Post Writing

Another great task to delegate to a virtual assisting team is blog post writing. Though it’s best to provide clear direction and points you want to include in a post, a VA can certainly write blog posts for you. It’s their job to understand what your voice sounds like, so it feels authentic to your brand.

If you don’t have a blog but would like to start a blog, a virtual assistant can help guide you through that process as well. Though some virtual assistants may not create blogs, there’s a very good chance they have a pulse on the best in the business for this.

LTK Strategy

A popular platform that many bloggers are apart of is LTK. This platforms allows bloggers the ability to link certain items they’re wearing, cooking with, decorating with etc., so their followers can find the information about these items. But with most platforms, consistency is key when it comes to growth and being as profitable as possible. VAs can take the lead on creating collages or scheduling posts to go out on this platform. They can also research what products perform the best on your specific account. Then, they make recommendations as to what would be best to post.

Manage Emails

As bloggers continue to grow, so does their email inbox. Virtual assistants can help organize and manage emails to help keep the blogger organized and efficient in their business. Whether it’s business inquiries, fan mail or other correspondences, you and your VA can create a plan as to how you want them to manage your inbox.

Bookkeeping Tasks

If your arch nemesis is keeping track of expenses, payouts and invoices, then hiring a virtual assistant who specializes in bookkeeping might be a good investment. It takes a lot of time off your plate to focus on other tasks that you enjoy and leave more administrative tasks to other professionals.

what does a virtual assistant do to help bloggers

Content Planning

You may have a thousand ideas on content creation. However, if all of those ideas aren’t planned out and organized, then executing those ideas might not be feasible. A virtual assistant can help you plan out your content calendar for the month and help you break down what tasks need to be completed.

Tasks can include:

  • Scheduling photoshoots
  • Ordering clothing items for photoshoots
  • Scheduling when social posts need to be posted per contracts
  • Determining when blog posts needs to be written
  • Scheduling what days filming needs to take place

On the flip side of that, if you struggle with coming up with creative ideas for certain topics, virtual assistants can help you brainstorm and come up with some great ideas.

Editing Photos or Videos

Ask any blogger and they’ll tell you editing photos and videos takes A.LOT.OF.TIME! So why not delegate that task to someone who enjoys doing it and can take it off your plate? It’s especially nice if you create quite a few YouTube videos. Having the ability to give raw footage to someone else, and let them edit it allows you the ability to create more content in half the time.

SEO Research

If you take the time to create a blog, then search engine optimization (SEO) should be a priority for each post you write. SEO is important when someone is searching a search engine like Google. Your goal is to have your blog post rank on the first page of that search in hopes that users will click on the link leading to your website. Virtual assistants can help you research the best keywords to include in your blog post as well as the best way to structure your posts.

There are many other tasks that virtual assistants can do. These are just the top tasks virtual assistants can do to help bloggers. Be sure to check this post out for the Ultimate Virtual Assistant Services list.

If you’re a content creator, what’s one thing you’d love a virtual assistant to take off your to-do list? Let me know in the comments below!

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what does a virtual assistant do to help bloggers

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