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How to Become a Profitable Virtual Assistant

how to become a profitable virtual assistant


In today’s episode, I’m sharing how to become a profitable virtual assistant business. It’s the exact blueprint I created when I was laid off from my job during the pandemic. Within four weeks, I built a six-figure virtual assistant business.

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How to Become a Profitable Virtual Assistant

This is the formula I designed on how to become a profitable virtual assistant for future virtual assistants in mind. The first step is to attract dream clients with your irresistible offer. The second step is to book high-paying clients. And finally, automate your systems, so you can work less and earn more.

Step #1: Creating Your Irresistible Offer

This step is key to booking the high-paying clients. You start with what you know RIGHT NOW. You can identify your existing skills with the profitable skill finder that’s inside the Full-Time Virtual Assistant course. Then, you package those skills, so that you can support a very specific niche.

The key is to try not to support everybody. You want to find the most profitable niche for your skill set. And the best part about that is you don’t have to wait to start making money. You can make money immediately as a full-time virtual assistant.

Step #2: Booking High-Paying Clients

The next step in how to become a profitable virtual assistant is booking high-paying clients. Your future clients are ready for you today. There are two things on their list that they want your help with:

  • Tasks that can grow their business
  • Tasks that give them more time to grow their business

What I see so often are people spending their precious time on social media trying to engage with potential clients, creating content around the VA industry etc. But that always ends up feeling like a hamster wheel, and doesn’t actually lead to a lot of paying clients.

The Breakdown of Booking High-Paying Clients

First, you’re going to craft your irresistible offer in Phase 1 of the course, using the profitable skill finder and profitable niche finder. This will help you find where these clients are online and what to say to them.

Then you do a little research to find a list of clients that would work well to serve with your skill set and niche. Next, we connect and reach out to them, which we show you how to do inside the Full-Time VA course.

Now it’s time to convert. More than likely five out of let’s say 20 would be interested to hop on a discovery call with you. This is where you use sales psychology to convert a portion of them into clients.

Because your process is so seamless, your clients can’t help but tell their friends in their industry about you. So then, this cycle of referrals also starts to happen.

Step 3: Automate to Profit

This is the final step in the process to become a profitable virtual assistant. Automate to profit is where you create systems to save time, so that you can work less.

On average, just to onboard a client can take up to 15 hours if you have no automations in place. Yes, 15 hours and that’s not even time that you get paid. Because technically, it’s not any of the client work.

But inside the Full-Time VA course, we teach you how to do the entire onboarding process in TWO hours, simply by automating every single process.

That way, all you have to worry about is serving your clients well.

So are you at a place where you want to make this full-time virtual assistant thing happen? If you answered yes, then you’re next step is to watch THIS 25-MINUTE TRAINING that breaks it all down for you.


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