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3 ways to show your clients love


3 Ways to Show Your Clients Love

Today on the Bold Business Podcast, we’re talking all about clients, specifically how to serve them the best way we can. In the entrepreneurial industry, our clients are our bread and butter, right? Without them, we wouldn’t have a business. So it’s important to keep your relationships with your clients strong. In this week’s episode, I share 3 ways to show your clients love.

Set Clear and Effective Forms of Communication

In every relationship, whether business or personal related, communication is key. When you onboard a new client, pick a form of communication that you prefer to communicate through: email, Slack or something else. That way, you’re not receiving text messages, email messages and other ping notifications somewhere else all at the same time. Keep communication streamlined and through one form, so something doesn’t fall through the cracks.

Always keep your clients updated with where you’re at on projects or timelines. In the virtual assistant world, you’re usually assisting a business. And therefore, they’re running a business too, so it’s important for them to be kept in the loop. Trust me, the more transparent you are, the better.

Under Promise and Over Deliver

I like to call this surprise and delight. You don’t want to over promise and under deliver because that’s going to make you look unprofessional and unorganized. Yes, there are times when you may make a mistake, but you don’t want that to continue happening.

Go above and beyond what your clients ask for. If you serve clients well, their loyalty and trust will continue to build. With that trust and loyalty, they’ll want to continue doing business with you, AND happily refer you to other business contacts they may know.

Host a Quarterly Check-In

Piggybacking off the importance of communication, asking for feedback is also important. This is a great way to gather information on a more formal basis. Whether it’s positive or constructive feedback, it’s always going to help you improve and get better at what you do.

It can be a simple Google form, type-form survey sent via email or holding a quick quarterly meeting via Zoom. You can also ask for feedback once a certain project is complete or you’re offboarding a client.

These 3 ways to show your clients love will help ensure you get great results and testimonials you want. That way, they rave about you to all their friends! Referrals is how I built most of my business, and talk all about it HERE.

What’s one way you like to show your clients love? Let me know in the comments below!


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